Building Trust Through Photography.

©2019 Photosophic | JanSport

©2019 Photosophic | JanSport

2019 is half over, and we have seen a lot of brands strike the new ground in the e-commerce space. From retailers brands such as Levi's and Revolve going public to the launch of innovative platforms as Verishop and Instagram Shopping. The unwavering philosophy that ties business' like these together is an understanding that brands themselves are products of their own media.

Logo's, jingles, Superbowl spots, and of course, photography is what draws us in and what we remember the most about or brand experience. But of course, you don't have to take my word for it.

"Taking some the best photos of the simplest items and posting, while luring customers in to make impulse purchases on their merchandising, has been the key of the extension of the Kardashian/Jenner brand and influence."  Carol Sankar for Entrepreneur

What role do photographers play in this? Whether published on social media or lining the pages of Vogue, images brand your business in the hearts and minds of customers. Developing a story that will connect to your customer and visually translating that story is what an experienced brand photographer brings to the table. Creating real moments allow customers to feel an authentic connection to the brand that they need to trust is trustworthy too. Building connections of trust is what commercial photography does best, and it's how brands like Kylie Jenner's luxury lifestyle brand, Revolve, and platforms like Instagram Shop have to change the game forever. Trust.

©2019 Photosophic | JanSport

©2019 Photosophic | JanSport

In an eight-market survey of consumers who were asked to rank their buying consideration in order of importance, brand trust ranked higher than excellent reviews, corporate reputation, and a brand's environmental impact. Product quality and convenience were the only areas that outranked trust. If you are a nerd for this stuff like I am you can read the full report here.

Investing in an experienced creative team is the difference. Only photographers with experience working with different brands will know how to partner with internal teams and producers to integrate creative strategies to grow your customer base through building a visual narrative that the audience's trust.

©2019 Photosophic | JanSport

©2019 Photosophic | JanSport

I am in and out of a lot of different offices all over the country. I sit in a lot of marketing meetings and concept kick-offs.  I see how different teams approach the same problems, and I can tell you that the brands that are experiencing the most growth are the brands that see themselves as a media company as well as a retailer. They value each piece of content they produce and see their productions as investments in their brand's future. Some have also learned the hard way that if they don't invest in their images than their customer will not invest in them.

In my upcoming newsletter, I will outline specifically how a business of any size can invest appropriately in photography, which is the first crew member to call is when you are planning to shoot, the right way to build a brand image library, and how to avoid the costly pitfalls that can damage your brand forever.

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